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Durable Medical Equipment & Supplies

ESF is committed to assisting those in need with access to durable medical equipment and supplies.  Clients sometimes need help with filtering through insurance denials because the proper documents need to be submitted or have the wrong diagnosis codes to cover the needs.  We have experienced professional insurance billing specialist that can help clients to navigate this issue.  If an appeal is still denied, ESF will provide equipment, if in our inventory.  Insurance denials must be provided.  


We are proud to offer two types of scholarship opportunities.  

ESF has a scholarship for individuals seeking Medical, First Responder or Teaching careers.  Application link available on home screen.

ESF also has scholarship opportunities for individuals with physical or intellectual/learning disabilities who can successfully complete high school with a diploma or GED.  This scholarship is available to be awarded to a Trade School which upon completion, the student will receive certifications necessary to begin a career in their specific fields of study.  Application link is found on the home page.

Public Charity

ADA Home Modification Assistance

ESF knows first hand that a sudden, unexpected life changing event could have a financial struggle.  Seeking help to cover out of pocket medical costs, unexpected loss of wages or funeral cost in the form of Family Benefit fundraising to defray these costs can also be difficult.  ESF is honored to assist with these benefits, when resources are available.  

To inquire for this program, fill out the form below to submit your request.

When accessibility in your home is difficult, ESF is partnered with carpenters who have teamed up with this program to assist families with these accessibility needs.  Though the program cannot help with complete home modifications but we are happy to help with building wheelchair ramps, widening doorways, removing carpet and installing flooring that makes movement via wheelchairs or walkers easier for the patient.  Our Team are volunteers and this program must meet their availability schedule and their home must be in good, livable condition, including subflooring, plumbing and electrical intact.  

For assistance through this program, please fill out the form below.  

If you’d like more information about our programs, get in touch today.

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